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We enjoy meat. We enjoy a lot of meat. Since you are here, we assume you do as well. No worries veggie heads, the rubs are just as good on non-meat dishes and though we can not understand you, we do not judge you. Heather’s Dirty Goodness is a judgement free zone. Except for you Steve, and you know why.

Enjoy browsing around the Dirty Good website. Eat well, rub your meat and prosper.

Dirty Good Dictionary

Because everyone should know how to talk Dirty.

Amazeballs: amaze-balls

Adjective: Used to say that something is extremely good, impressive, enjoyable, etc.
Synonyms: Awesome, amazing, outstanding, ridonkulous.

“Hot Damn. These Dirty Good seasonings are amazeballs!”

Featured Dirty drink: Amarena Manhatten

“Because it’s noon somewhere.”

Dirty Amarena Manhatten Prep: 4 min but hey! it’s a cocktail…so it’s worth it.
Serves: One so double up for your mooching friends


  • 2 oz Bourbon (we keep it classy with Makers Mark-any Bourbon will do)
  • Italian Amarena Cherries-(Sour Cherries in syrup)
  • .5 oz Vermouth mix: 1 one part Italian Amarena Cherry syrup and 2 parts dry vermouth) or save time and use Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 Drop of Cherry Bitter
  • 2 Drops of Orange Bitters (We used “Bittercubes: Orange, Coriander, Cardamom” product.

How to:

  • Muddle 4 cherries and put in shaker with bourbon and vermouth mixture. Shake well. Then shake well again.
  • Pour into glass clear class.
  • Add one drop of Cherry Bitters and two drops of Orange Bitters.
  • Add one square cube (or straight up in a martini glass) and drop in one rinsed cherry.
  • Let your boss know you will not be returning to the office, kick up your heels and relax.

*Note: Be sure to use high quality bitters..but don’t worry…the good stuff won’t run you more than $10 or so per bottle and they last forever. Unless you drink like us….then about a good 2-3 months. No judgment.