The Dirty Good Story

new-profileWelcome to the world of Dirty Goodness.

Our Products: Heather has been giving away her seasonings over the last few years (just her seasonings) and finally decided to share the goodness with as many people as possible (still, just the seasonings). All of Heather’s Dirty Good products enhance and highlight flavors of what they are intended to be paired with and many times, things they were not intended to be paired with. One thing is consistent, the rubs are damn good on everything. Locally (Minnesota) created, sourced and produced, we can easily say supporting local never tasted so good.

Our Process: We market test our rub on friends, family and random strangers in alleys. Our rubs are consistently found to not suck. Yes, the process is this simple.

Our Mission: To create rubs that consist of unique high quality ingredients with minimal use of salt.  Many rubs use salt as a cheap filler-not Heather. We here at HDG have a mission to reduce or eliminate salt usage as much as possible and in turn creating tasty rubs that are heart healthy.

Our Challenge: We encourage you to experiment, take risks and bask in your culinary accomplishments. Found a killer combo we failed to mention on this site? Email it to us. We will perform the R&D and if it’s fabulous, we will give you mad props on the website. If it sucks, we will ignore you and block you from ever emailing us again. No pressure.