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original$6.99 + Shipping

HDG Original

This is the original folks. Where it all started. This “everything friendly” rub came out Heather’s kitchen experimentation trying to find a combination of herbs that highlighted lamb chops.

$6.99 + Shipping

HDG Sophistication

This sophisticated rub has honey and powdered beer that we then partner with the smooth heat of chipotle and ancho chilies. That’s just the beginning of it my dear colleagues. Rub Sophistication on ribs, steaks, chicken and seafood or as a base for creole or BBQ sauces.

Dirty Good Burlesque
$6.99 + Shipping

HDG Burlesque

With the unique combo of cocoa, cinnamon and cayenne, apply seductively to any meat begging for something a little different. This is particularly tasty on pork, chicken, shrimp, steaks (so yes, everything) and heck…use this cocoa goodness in your next Chili batch and get your fishnets knocked off!

censored$6.99 + Shipping

HDG Censored

Censored is a dirty good blend of habanero and jalapenos with a side kick of “holy sh*t”! Add this fire alarm rub to all meat and seafood or sprinkle on pasta, eggs, pizza and whatever else you’d like to ignite.

Dirty Good Vintage$6.99 + Shipping

HDG Vintage

Once in a while it’s nice to have a rub you can depend on as an accessory, a highlight, an accent. Vintage is a unique blend of Juniper Berries, Smoked Paprika, Raw and Brown Sugar with a kick of Cayenne. We find it quite tasty on all meats, chicken and seafood.

fullset$34.95 + Shipping

The Full Set

Do you find that getting just a little Dirty is never enough? We know that feeling all too well. That is why we created the full set! With one swift click of the mouse, you can try all of Heather’s Dirty Good rubs and have a meat rubbing meatfest.

A ménage à quint, if you will.