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This Burlesque show is worth catching. A little satin, a little lace and roaring grill waiting for Burlesqued meat. With the unique combo of cocoa, cinnamon and cayenne, apply seductively to any meat begging for something a little different. This is particularly tasty on pork, chicken, shrimp, steaks (so yes, everything) and heck…use this cocoa goodness in your next Chili batch and get your fishnets knocked off! Let’s  go you Mad Foodie Scientist. Chuck some Burlesque tassels on those breasts … chicken breasts that is … and get grillin’ already.


Ingredients: Cocoa, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Cayenne, Coriander, Herbs and Spices, and Nutmeg.

No additives. No preservatives. No MSG. Gluten Free.


This rub was inspired and shared by Ms. Stacy.

HDG Burlesque

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