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Heather’s Dirty Good CENSORED
Meat Pasta Seafood Everything
Ignite Everything

Heather’s got a passion for meat. Her second passion? Heat. Third passion? Rhyming. Let’s do this. Censored is a dirty good blend of habanero and jalapenos with a side kick of “holy sh*t”! Add this fire alarm rub to all meat and seafood or sprinkle on pasta, eggs, pizza and whatever else you’d like to ignite.

Have those pesky relatives that think your home is an Extended Stay? Add this fiery rub to your meals and they’ll politely leave.  Common sense says to keep it away from your eyes, children and other areas where habanero powder doesn’t belong, you weirdo. Enough chit chat. Go grab a jug of milk, a jar of Censored and get grillin’. Censored, for your pleasure.

Cook it. Eat it. Love it. Mmmm … Dirty Good.


Ingredients:  Smoked Paprika, Dehydrated Vegetables (including Garlic and Onion), Habanero, Herbs and Spices, Jalapeno, Chiles, Aleppo Pepper, Parsley, Sea Salt, Garlic Salt and Black Pepper.



No additives. No preservatives. No MSG. Gluten Free.

HDG Censored

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